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    General Q&A.

    We just need to ensure  your roof or space have the suitable conditions for the modules secure installation.

    It is very simple to make it possible, with the acquisition of a complementary battery, which will allow you to be protected against spontaneous power outages.

    The estimated life of our solar panels is greater than 30 years, but you may notice a slight drop in production of your system after the “optimal life time” of your system.

    You have the freedom to distribute them in the most convenient way, the only variable will be the amount of wiring required. If you already have your installation, remember that you can expand your solar energy system whenever you want.

    The orientation of the ceiling can be more favorable or less favorable for the installation depending on the direction of the sun. Our team ensures of compensating any “unfavorable” inclination so that you can get the most productivity without any problems.

    We monitor the performance of your installation to ensure that it provides you with the greatest possible efficiency and timely detect any irregularity.


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